Watch This Video as Michael Explains How He Can Help You to Engage Your Neurology, Begin to Fulfil Your True Potential and Connect With Who You Are When You Are at Your Very Best


Sometimes, it's not so much about a problem as it is about the challenge to take our lives forward, to take something that we've only dreamed about until now and make it your new reality.

Michael can help you to learn how to utilise your neurology in wonderful new ways to turn your hopes and dreams into reality and love your life even more in the process.


Got a problem in your life you need to make better?  Whether it's fears and anxieties, habits and addictions or just picking up the pieces of your world and moving on again, Michael can help you get to the heart of the matter and work with you to transform your life for the better from the inside out.


If you're a therapist, coach or facilitator, Michael can work with you on your professional development, your skill set and share with you the latest developments in the field and his own hard earned insights. 

As an active developer and researcher in NLP and hypnosis for three decades, Michael can help you as he has helped many others with every aspect of running a successful practice, being a more influential communicator and giving your clients your very best.